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Groups Engine is blessed to have some of the best customers on the planet! I'm just a solo developer working from my home in Nashville, and it's YOUR blog posts, tweets and personal recommendations that have spread the word about Groups Engine across the world. Thank you so much for your passion about my humble little plugin!

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How Does This Work? What's the Catch?

There's no catch, really! Just grab a link, share it wherever you can, and I'll send you money at the end of every month. Signing up is FREE and easy...

A few simple rules: You MAY NOT use affiliate links to purchase "discounted" licenses for yourself, nor may you use this program to purchase licenses for your web clients. This program is intended for individuals or organizations that want to refer other folks to our family of plugins. Only purchases of single licenses qualify for affiliate credit; discounted combos, triple pack combos, and bulk licenses do not apply. Referrals must purchase through your affiliate link to qualify for affiliate credit... NO exceptions.

Using Your Affiliate Link With an Ad

Probably the most effective way to share your affiliate link is by placing one of the ads below on your blog or site, and linking it to our site with your affiliate link. Simply choose the size that's best for you, and right click on the ad below to download it.

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Other Ways to Share Your Affiliate Link

There are many other ways to share your affiliate link; here are some of the most common examples:

If you want to write a blog post about Groups Engine and need additional help or graphics, send me an email at

If you plan to share your link on social networks, here are a few status update templates you're welcome to use:

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     Use Groups Engine to add powerful group search to your website. - INSERT YOUR LINK HERE

To get started, simply sign up for a FREE account with E-Junkie (our sales partner) by following the instructions below. It should take you about five minutes, and you'll need to supply a PayPal address so I know where to send your money!

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